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Here are some interesting motorcycles I think you might find amusing, enjoy! If you have any pictures you like to share send then with a brief description and I will post them.

Majestic 350, 349 cc, 11 hp @ 4000 rpm, France, 1930. Throughout the history of motorcycle design there has been a tendency to conceal, civilize and neuter motorcycles by completely enclosing them in an outer skin. Honda's Pacific Coast is the most recent example. The Majestic was one of the earliest. The Majestic also featured hub-center steering which, in theory, is supposed to reduce steering mass and increase stability, but in practice has yet to prove superior the conventional forks. Also, traditionalists find the hub-center design unattractive



Harley-Davidson Model W Sport Twin, 36 ci, 6 hp, US, 1919. Harley introduced this horizontally opposed, middleweight twin in an effort to attract more entry-level riders. It didn't sell well in the US, where buyers had already developed an affinity for V-Twins. Production was discontinued in 1922.


Indian Single, 16 ci, 1.8 hp, US, 1901. At the turn of the century a former bicycle racer, George Hendee, teamed with a Swedish machinist, Carl Oscar Henderson, to form the Hendee Manufacturing Co., and produce this machine which they called the Indian, only two of which were produced in 1901.



BMW World Land-Speed Record, 493 cc, 95 hp @ 8000 rpm, Germany, 1937. On November 28, 1937, Ernst Henne set the land speed record with speed of 173.57 mph, a record that remained unbroken until 1951. The original Zollar supercharged motorcycle was entirely encased in an aluminum fairing. For this exhibit, only the tail section remained.


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