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Motorcycle Safety is NO accident!


Safety 1 Before each ride do a walk around and inspect your bike ! start from the front or back on one side and completely work your way around checking the whole bike. Do this walk around the same way all the time its a good habit to get into. 

Safety 2 Check tire pressure and threads and don't forget to check your oil level before each ride.

Safety 3 Make sure all lights and turn signals work with engine off and with engine running very important.

If you find any problems during your pre-ride inspection, fix the problem before you go riding no matter how small the problem may seem.

Safety 4 If you haven't taken the motorcycle safety course  yet, its a good idea to do so. They also have a advance course too. Its well worth it. They will teach you riding techniques that will normally take and average rider years to develop. You wont be a top notch rider but you will learn the skills you'll need to practice. So that every time you ride your polishing your skills.   

In an average year 166,000 Americans will be hospitalized as a result of a motorcycle accident. 4,700 of them die. Many others will be crippled for life. In some countries the death rate for motorcyclists is up to nine times higher than that for persons riding in a car. Why is this the case? Three primary reasons have been identified;

(1) A motorcycle is harder to see than a car

(2) A motorcycle offers little or no protection for its rider

(3) A motorcycle’s handling is tricky – if it skids, it often spills.

It’s not surprising, then, that many people consider motorcycles to be dangerous. Yet, motorcycles do have definite advantages. The fuel economy is hard to overlook, with 60 to 70 miles being achieved from one gallon of fuel depending on your riding habits and type of bike. Bikes are easy to maneuver, they allow ease of parking and they cost less than a car. Not to be overlooked is the thrill that comes from riding a bike. The sense of freedom and the feeling of control are difficult to emulate in a car. Here’s how one rider puts it, “ It’s exciting to feel that machine beneath you, to know that it will answer to your every whim or direction, to lean into curves and know that it will carry you to your destination reliably.”

So, how can you have the best of both worlds? How can you enjoy the speed, freedom and excitement of riding a motorcycle while, at the same time, reducing the very real risk of injury? As with most things, a little common sense goes a long way here. Treat the bike (potential killing machine that it is) with respect and you will be able to enjoy it without mishap. Specifically, you should adhere to the following points;

(a) Ride with Extreme Care. Steering, accelerating and braking require skill and a high degree of coordination.

(b) Avoid the center of the Lane. That is where debris and oil droppings from cars accumulate

(c) Wear a Proper Outfit. Always wear a helmet (full face). Gloves, a jacket and boots will also protect you.

(d) Ride with your Headlight On. If permitted by traffic laws, do this even in daytime. It will make you more visible to other motorists.

(e) Apply Reflective Tape to your Helmet. This makes you more visible at night.

(f) Drive Defensively. Do not expect that car drivers will give you the right-of-way.

(g) Never ride a motorcycle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. And if your taking any over the counter medication that makes you drowsy, leave the bike in the garage and wait till you feel better. 


Keep in mind, too, that - although it may be music to your ears – not everyone will enjoy the sound of your engine revving in the morning. So, to keep peace with your neighbors try showing a little consideration when it comes to the noise factor. I do believe that a loud bike ( to a point ) can be a good thing especially if it gets a drivers attention.

Maintain your bike regularly. Make sure the brakes are in order. Do routine chain and engine checks and also very important check tire pressure before taking the bike out for a spin.

Apply these simple, common sense suggestions and you can safely enjoy the sense of freedom and the feeling of control that can only come from riding a motorcycle.